How removing Tattoos can help you land a job

How Tattoo Removal Can Help You Land That Next Job

Up until recently, tattoos were considered the hallmark of bikers, outlaws, and career criminals, and even fairly simple tattoos were enough to prompt serious discrimination in all facets of life. In the United States, attitudes towards tattoos have come a long way, and it’s no longer uncommon to see them everywhere you turn. Most people know at least a handful of friends and family that have at least one tattoo, and statement-making pieces like full sleeves are becoming increasingly more common as well.

While times have changed, and some workplaces consider themselves tattoo-friendly, that doesn’t mean all the old prejudices have faded. Having tattoos might not affect your job prospects as dramatically as it once did, but that certainly doesn’t mean it has no effect at all.

Tattoos at Work: Breaking Down the Statistics

Perhaps you’re considering applying for a new job where the environment seems fairly buttoned up, or maybe you’ve encountered negative tattoo bias before. You may never have considered the impact that tattoos have on your career, or maybe it’s something that’s worried you for a long time. Whatever the case, researchers have found that tattoos may be hurting your career prospects more than you think.

According to a survey conducted by, more than 75 percent of people believe that visible tattoos have a detrimental effect on a candidate during the job interview process. Nearly 40 percent stated that employees with tattoos are a poor reflection on their employer, while almost half felt that tattoos are always inappropriate at work.

Another study completed by Workopolis focused on exploring employers’ thoughts about candidates with tattoos – and the responses might just surprise you. While just over 20 percent stated that tattoos wouldn’t affect their decision to hire a job candidate, 77 percent said they would be less likely, depending on the situation. Employers attributed their hesitancy either to the specific role they were trying to fill, the number of tattoos a potential employee had, and other factors. Customer-facing roles were usually considered more out of reach for a tattooed candidate, and any tattoos that could be considered offensive definitely dropped hiring chances dramatically.

Boosting Your Career Prospects with Tattoo Removal

If you’re searching for a simple, permanent way to improve your future job prospects, it seems that tattoo removal might be exactly what you need. With statistics showing that tattoos definitely effect hiring possibilities, it makes sense that removing yours could boost your available opportunities. Professional removal services can dramatically fade and even eliminate visible tattoos, potentially giving you an edge over your job search competition.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Denver, CO

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