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Laser arm hair removal is a beauty treatment that clears the hairs on your arms with the use of a laser. It’s a satisfying and rewarding therapy that you should try if you haven’t. You’ll be happy you did.

When you decide to, you can have a full arm hair removal treatment or a halfarm hair removal treatment.

Your arm is divided into two parts- the lower arm and the upper arm.

While your upper arm runs from your shoulder to your elbow, your lower arm runs from your elbow to your hand.

For full-arm hair removal, the laser targets the hairs on your whole arm- from your shoulder to your hand. But for half-arm hair removal, the laser targets one part of your arm- your lower or upper arm.

Should I Laser My Arm Hair?

If you want a permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hairs on your arm, you should laser your arm hair.

But if you want a temporary solution, waxing does it.

Ink Doubt offers both full-arm and half-arm hair removal waxing services. Check out the prices and other body waxing options here.

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Does Using a Laser for Removing the Hairs on The Arm Hurt?

Laser arm hair removal treatment hurts slightly.


Actually, the answer to this is subjective because we feel pain differently.

To help people who have low pain tolerance, Ink Doubt, Denver, uses a numbing technology called the Zimmer Cryo.

The Zimmer Cryo is a cooling device that numbs your skin by blowing cool air (as low as -30°C) on it during treatment.

Some clinics use over-the-counter numbing creams. They’re efficient too.

How do I Care for my Arms After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser treatment leaves the skin sensitive and somewhat bruised. To prevent complications and help your skin heal fast, it is important that you:

  1. Protect your arms from the sun. Direct sunlight on the treated skin can cause skin discoloration.
  2. Skip wearing clothes that fit tight against your arms for at least 3 days. Give your arm some room to breathe.
  3. Apply recommended ointments to prevent infection and speed up the healing process.
  4. Don’t apply creams or lotions (apart from the one recommended by your dermatologist) on the treated skin for 2-3 days.
  5. Be sure to eat foods that contain the essential nutrients your skin needs.

Not sure of the nutrients your skin needs? See some of them here.

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  1. Don’t be in a haste to go back to the gym or engage in demanding tasks. Give your arms 2-3 days off. It deserves it.

How much does laser arm hair removal cost?

The cost of a complete arm hair removal treatment will depend on how many sessions you need and your choice of arm hair removal treatment- full or half-arm.

The starting price for laser hair removal services at Ink Doubt is $40/ session.

Of course, this price doesn’t apply to every clinic.

A lot of clinics, especially those located in expensive cities in the US, charge more than this.

Laser Arm Hair Removal Clinic Near Me

Are you in Englewood, Colorado? Then Ink Doubt, Denver is your go-to place for laser arm hair removal services.

Ink Doubt, Denver, offers both half arm and full arm laser hair removal services. We are the best laser arm hair removal clinic in Englewood, Denver. Our previous clients testify to this.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest laser technology, proven to be the best for removing unwanted hairs on any skin color.

We are located at 3333 South Bannock St. Suite 645, Englewood CO. 80110.

We offer free consulting services to our clients before treatment. This helps us know how best to serve you while meeting your unique needs.

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