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Laser Chest Hair Removal Treatment | Ink Doubt

Chest hair removal by laser treatment has helped millions of people, especially men, get their mojo back.

Hairs on the chest make you sweat a lot. Sweating a lot causes body odor. So, getting rid of them could be the way to go.

Yes, there are different hair removal options. But if you’re looking for a long-lasting treatment for your unwanted chest hairs, then laser hair removal is your best bet.

Why You Should Choose Laser treatment for Chest Hair Removal

1.      The results are long-lasting

Laser hair removal treatment has long-lasting/ permanent results.

With other hair removal options, such as waxing, tweezing, shaving, etc., you’ll get temporary results. This means you’ll need repeat hair removal treatments monthly or bi-monthly- depending on how fast your hair grows.

2.      It is less expensive than other hair removal options

A complete chest hair removal treatment by waxing costs $55 at Ink Doubt.

Laser hair removal treatment costs more, yes. But after treatment, you won’t need to spend any more money removing the hairs on your chest again (except for a touch-up once in one or two years).

Think of the money you’ll save in the long run, and what you can do with it.

3.      It saves your time

Laser hair removal saves you hours of your precious time.

Alternative hair removal treatments are time-consuming, considering that you’ll need repeat treatments monthly.

A chest hair removal session by waxing takes about 20 minutes. Imagine spending 20-30 minutes of your time every month on chest hair removal.

Actually, more than 30 minutes, when you add the time you’ll spend coming to the clinic for treatment.

4.      It leaves the skin on your chest looking good, feeling silky and smooth. (Now, this is sexy! Winks.)

A primary side effect of most hair removal methods is ingrown hair. This is especially true for shaving and tweezing.

But this isn’t the case with laser hair removal treatment.

One of the benefits of using a laser for unwanted hair removal is that your skin looks and feels soft/ silky after treatment.

That’s the kind of chest you want to expose. Not a bumpy, rough-feeling skin.

5.      It hurts less than other hair removal methods

Alternative hair removal treatments, such as waxing and tweezing, hurt a lot.

But laser hurts way less- especially with a numbing technology, such as the Zimmer Cryo we use at Ink Doubt. With it, you won’t feel any pain during your chest hair removal treatment.

How To Prepare for Laser Chest Hair Removal

You prepare for laser chest hair removal therapy pretty much the same way you’d prepare for any other laser hair removal treatment.

In preparing for chest hair removal using laser, observe the following:

  1. Shave 24 hours before treatment to remove grown hair so the laser can easily target the hair follicles.

P.S.: Don’t pluck or wax prior to treatment. Plucking and waxing remove the hair from its follicles. The laser needs to target the hair follicles through the melanin of the hair. With no hair in the hair follicles, treatment will be postponed.

  1. Don’t use photosensitive lotions, creams, or medications. If you’re on any photosensitive medication, inform your dermatologist during consultation, before laser treatment.
  2. Stay away from the sun if you can. When going out, use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or 30+. No tanning- both artificial and natural.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Chest?

Laser hair removal treatment, being non-invasive, is safe for removing the hairs on your chest.

Millions of laser chest hair removal treatments have been done over the years. The major risks that have been associated with this treatment are blisters, discoloration/redness of the skin, and scaring.

Nothing deadly.

It’s worthy to note that these side effects heal in a short time if properly taken care of.

Laser Chest Hair Removal for Female

When it comes to chest hair removal for females, one of the frequently asked questions we get is, Is it safe to do laser hair removal around or on the breasts?

The answer to this is yes. That’s because, as we said earlier, laser treatment is non-invasive.

Some women grow hairs on their chest too. According to Cedars Sinai, this happens when a woman has high levels of androgens.

Androgens are a group of hormones that control male sexual and reproductive functions. Both men and women produce this hormone, but men produce more androgens than females.

When androgens are produced at a higher level than usual in a female, hairs grow on her chest, upper lips, back, etc.

Except when androgens are produced excessively due to health challenges, there’s nothing to worry about.

Ladies who have chest hair and want to permanently deal with it should opt for laser hair removal because it’s safe and long-lasting.

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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost for Chest?

The cost for laser hair removal treatment starts at $40 per session at Ink Doubt, Denver.

To achieve permanent hair reduction on your chest, you may need about 8 – 12 treatment sessions. This means that cumulatively, you’ll invest about $320 – $480 to permanently get rid of the hairs on your chest.

You should understand that there isn’t a uniform price for laser chest hair removal treatment. The above-stated price doesn’t apply to all laser clinics. Some clinics are way more expensive than Ink Doubt and charge over $100/ session.

So, if you’re not in Denver, and you want a laser chest hair removal treatment, you should contact the clinic you want to visit for their price list.

How Long Does Each Laser Chest Hair Removal Treatment Session Last?

Each session lasts for about 30 minutes.

Come to think of it, your lunch break lasts for about the same time.

If you have a packed week, you can swing by our clinic during your lunch break for a quick chest hair removal session. You’ll be back to work on time.

Best Laser Clinic for Chest Hair Removal in Denver

Are you looking for the best laser chest hair removal clinic near you in Denver?

Then it’s Ink Doubt, Denver.

Ink Doubt is located at 3333 South Bannock St. Suite 645, Englewood CO. 80110.

Without compromising on quality and safety, Ink Doubt Denver offers affordable laser hair removal services for all skin colors.

At Ink Doubt, we use the latest laser technology to help our clients achieve faster results in little time, thereby saving them money and time.

We offer free consultation services to discuss what you want, so we can decide how best we can help you get it.

Schedule an appointment with us today by tapping on the button below now.

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Can I perform Chest Hair Removal at Home Using At-home Laser Hair Removal Devices?

Yes, you can. But don’t expect the same result you’ll get by visiting a clinic when you use an at-home laser device.

As we discussed in this article, at-home laser devices are designed with fewer configurations, safety switches, simple controls, and less power to guarantee your safety.

For permanent chest hair removal, visit a professional clinic such as Ink Doubt.