reasons people decide to remove their tattoos

5 Major Reasons People Decide to Remove Their Tattoos

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the reasons people decide to remove their tattoos as we’ve discovered that the rate of tattoo removal has significantly increased.
A lot of people with tattoos got/get their first tattoos in their teenage and 20s. Most are happy with this decision for life, while some later regret it and decide to remove their tattoos.
In 2019, Statista Research Department carried out a research. The research showed that more than a quarter of the people in the United States have tattoos. There are over 300 million people in the US. This means over 75 million people in the US have at least, one tattoo.
Different factors are responsible for people’s tattoo regrets and doubts. By chatting with some of our clients at Ink Doubt, we observed that below are…

5 Reasons People Decide to Remove Their Tattoos


1. Poor art and misspelled words

Not many tattooists are gifted artists. We see the evidence of this on a lot of tatted people.
Poorly drawn tattoos can make you feel depressed and uncomfortable- the very opposites of what you hope to feel by going to a tattoo studio. These are ample enough reasons to decide to remove your tattoo. 
To get their mojo back, most people with poorly illustrated tattoos sign up for tattoo erasure or fading.

2. Getting a new job

Although many companies and institutions are gradually accepting the idea of having tatted workers, there are still a lot of companies yet to welcome this idea. To most companies, tattoos are unprofessional and characterize gangsters.
The military, law enforcement, educational, and healthcare are 4 sectors that totally reject the idea of visible tattoos.
To increase your chances of getting employed in companies that frown on tattoos, getting a tattoo removal treatment is necessary.
You may not have to remove all the tattoos on your body. You can opt for a neckline or sleeve tattoo erasure procedure.
Find out how tattoo removal can help you land your next job here.

3. Breakup/ loss of a loved one

Sometimes we get tattoos to express how deeply we love our partners or a loved one.
But breakups happen. People die. It hurts. Terribly. We know. But we have to heal and erasing tattoos we got as a symbol of our love fastens the healing process.

4. New beliefs

We’re almost always encountering new doctrines and teachings.
Sometimes, these new doctrines cause a paradigm shift that makes us want to do away with things we acquired in the past that do not conform to our new standards. A tattoo could be one of such things.
There are decisions we’ve made years ago that we aren’t proud of. Heck! There are even decisions we made yesterday that we regret already.
Most actions/decisions can’t be reverted, but thank God your tattoo isn’t one of them. 

5. Reaction/ allergy

When we discussed some of the reasons you feel sick after a tattoo removal treatment, we let you understand that tattoo inks are made of metals, metal oxides, and chemicals. These elements, which are toxic, can cause reactions.
Tattoo removal in the case of tattoo allergy is not always necessary. Before you decide to remove your tattoo, try over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and topical ointments.

Good news!

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How do you get someone who removes tattoos?

Look up tattoo removal clinics using local or national medical directories. You can also ask friends or colleagues who have had their tattoos removed or faded for suggestions.
If you’re in or around Denver, you should stop by our clinic to book a session. We are located at 300 E Hampden Ave Englewood, CO 80113.
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At Ink Doubt, we offer ultra-premium tattoo removal services using some of the best laser devices.

What kind of doctor removes tattoos?

A dermatologist. Dermatologists are skin doctors. They are the best qualified medical practitioners for tattoo removal.

Do estheticians do tattoo removal?

If it’s with the use of a laser, yes. An esthetician who has been trained on how to use lasers can do tattoo removal.