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What You Should Know About Colour Tattoo Laser Removal

Removing colour tattoos with a laser is different from removing dark tattoos. You may not have known this when you were getting your colourful tatts, but now you’ve (probably) decided to remove it, you should know.

There are different factors that influence laser tattoo removal, and laser wavelength is a major factor. So, we start our article by discussing the laser wavelength for coloured tattoo removal before moving on to discussing the tattoo colours that are easiest to remove, and why some colours are easier to remove than others.

We also discuss how many sessions it will take for your colour tattoo to fade remarkably/ completely, how much it will cost and the best place in Colorado to get a colour tattoo removal treatment.

What Laser Wavelength is used for Coloured Tattoo Removal?

Laser devices have different wavelengths. The popular laser wavelengths for tattoo removal are:

  • 1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, and 755 nm.

The laser wavelengths used for coloured tattoo removal are 532nm, 694nm, and 755nm.

  • The 532nm wavelength is effective for treating red ink and warm-toned colours such as brown, yellow, orange and violet.
  • The 694nm wavelength is ideal for removing blue and green inked tattoos
  • The 755nm is a supplemental wavelength that fades/ removes green and blue tattoos.

For a tattoo ink to be shattered by a laser device, it must absorb the laser’s wavelength. Each wavelength treats specific tattoo ink colours.

This means that to successfully fade/ remove a tattoo that has different colours, multiple laser wavelengths will be used. This could sometimes mean that different laser machines will be used to remove a tattoo, as a single machine may not have all the wavelengths.

Laser machines generate different wavelengths. Some machines generate 2 or 3 wavelengths. The Astanza Trinity, for example, which is the laser technology we use at INK DOUBT generates three versatile wavelengths- 532nm, 694nm, and 1064nm.

Astanza calls this laser device, The most powerful multi-wavelength system in the market, and we honestly can’t agree less.

Colour Tattoo Laser Removal Before and After Pictures

Colour tattoo laser removal before and after ink doubt
Colour laser tattoo removal before and after Ink Doubt Denver

What tattoo colours are the easiest to remove?

Dark coloured tattoos are the easiest to remove, while light coloured tattoos are the hardest to remove.

  • Black and grey tattoos are the easiest to remove. Laser machines that generate the 1064nm wavelength are used to fade/ remove dark tattoos.
  • Dark red, dark blue and dark green tattoos are slightly easy to fade
  • Vibrant colours such as purple, yellow, green, blue, red, neon are hard to remove
  • White tattoos are the hardest to remove.

Why Are Dark Coloured Tattoos Easier to Remove Than Light Coloured Tattoos?

Westlake Dermatology explains that this is so because dark coloured tattoos absorb a broad spectrum of laser light wavelengths, while coloured and light coloured tattoos absorb relatively small laser wavelength.

Saying certain colours of tattoos are hard to remove doesn’t mean that it is physically more tasking. It means that it takes more time to remove/ see remarkable improvements when treating them. It also means that it may not clear completely. Yes, you could see 90%+ clearance, but maybe not 100% erasure.

However, using the right laser machine and laser accessories will help you achieve fast results in a short time when treating coloured tattoos.

How many sessions does it take to remove a colour tattoo?

8 – 12 sessions or more. Colour tattoos take more time to remove, and large colour tattoo removal takes even more time because of size.

Actually, we can’t tell exactly how many sessions are needed to remove your tattoo without looking at it and consulting with you because each tattoo is a different project. Plus, apart from size and colour, there are other factors that affect tattoo removal.

Read about them here.

To get an estimate on how many sessions it will take you to remove/ completely fade your colour tattoo, visit us for a FREE CONSULTATION at Ink Doubt Denver.

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What Is the Cost Of Laser Colour Tattoo Removal?

At Ink Doubt, the price per treatment is determined by the number of treatments you’ll need, and the size of the tattoo being treated. To set up a pricing plan that matches your needs, we provide free consultations.

You should contact us today to book your appointment with our laser experts.

To add icing on the cake, we periodically offer special discounts on our treatment packages. Contact us now to know if there’s any promo ongoing.

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What is the Best Laser for Colour Tattoo Removal

Laser machines that generate the wavelengths absorbed by coloured tattoos are best for colour tattoo removal. The Astanza Trinity and PicoWay laser by Candela are two of such colour tattoo laser removal machines.

The Astanza Trinity, which is what we use at Ink Doubt, generates three wavelengths- 1064nm, 694nm, and 532nm- for a full-spectrum solution against colourful tattoos via two standalone systems- the Duality and the EternityTSR .

Where is the Best Colour Tattoo Laser Removal Clinic in Colorado?

Ink Doubt, Denver, is the best tattoo removal clinic in Colorado.

At Ink Doubt, we use the Astanza Trinity, a laser machine that generates the wavelengths needed for treating dark and light coloured tattoos on all skin types.

We also use the Zimmer Cryo- a non-invasive accessory that numbs the skin by blowing cool air on it.

To further shorten your treatment time, Ink Doubt invested in the DESCRIBE® PFD PATCH.

The DESCRIBE® PFD PATCH is a laser accessory that allows us to treat a tattoo up to 4 times in one session.

We are committed to helping you see remarkable results in a short time without having to spend much, that’s why we have invested in the best laser technology and accessories.

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