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It’s not uncommon to change your mind regarding relationships, personal goals, and your form of self-expression. A tattoo of someone’s name, a favorite band, or a random image symbolizing youthful rebellion may not seem like such a good idea today. Luckily, you do have other options besides spending the rest of your life in high collars or long sleeve shirts. Laser tattoo removal is clinically demonstrated to remove the image without leaving behind unsightly scarring. View some laser tattoo removal before and after pictures to see how we can help you.

Why Tattoos Can Be Challenging to Remove

Tattoos can remain vibrant for years, which make them difficult to remove. When getting a tattoo, the needle instrument places ink particles into the deepest layer of the skin. Your body’s immune system responds to the injection site as an injury and repairs it with specialized cells called “macrophages.” Eventually, the macrophages will break down the ink particles, but this may take a considerable amount of time depending on their size.

How a Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Works

With laser tattoo removal, the process involves several steps that speed up the breakdown instead of waiting for it to happen naturally.

• A laser emits light in a single color at a specific wavelength.
• The light interacts with the area of the skin covered by the tattoo. The ink particles under the skin absorb the light from the laser, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.
• The energy in the light from the laser breaks the ink apart into smaller particles.
• The body’s immune system eliminates the particles at a faster rate than would occur naturally.
• As the series of treatments progresses, the process repeats, and the tattoo continues to fade.

The PFD Patch

It’s important to know that no matter how small or simple, almost every tattoo requires multiple sessions to remove. However, you can see results faster by choosing a provider, like Ink Doubt, who uses the PFD Patch. This silicone laser tattoo removal accessory can make multiple passes over the design in a single session, fading the image faster.

Don’t feel trapped by a tattoo that’s outlasted its significance in your life. You don’t have to choose between ugly scarring and body art that you don’t want anymore. There is a safe and effective option in laser tattoo removal. Visit us at Ink Doubt Denver to learn more tattoo removal.

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