Ocular protection device for laser hair removal on the face

Eyebrow and Unibrow Laser Hair Removal

Yes, full-grown eyebrows are a beauty statement. But not many people like having full-grown brows especially because of the unwanted attention it calls. Personally, as a lady, I find it difficult to achieve the arch I want for my brows when making up if they are fully grown. So, I like to have them shaped. There are different eyebrow shaping options, but one stands out for me: eyebrow laser hair removal treatment. I’ll tell you why, but before then…

What is Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal?

Eyebrow laser hair removal is a beauty treatment that involves the use of a laser device to carefully stop the growth of unwanted eyebrows. The result of this is usually eyebrows shaped to your desire when properly done.

Unibrow Removal

The unibrow or monobrow is the hair that grows between your eyebrows above your nose.

I understand that most people feel uncomfortable about their unibrows. If this is you, you should consider opting for a laser unibrow removal treatment to get rid of it. The effect of a complete laser unibrow removal can last for up to a year.

Why Laser for Eyebrow and Unibrow Hair Removal?

Sure, there are other eyebrow shaping/ hair removal options- waxing, threading, tweezing, shaving. etc. But none can boast of:

  1. Being long-lasting:

During laser hair removal, the laser rays emitted are absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted to heat. This heat damages the hair roots thereby, inhibiting/ slowing down the growth of new hair.

Other eyebrow hair removal methods attack only the hair shaft (which is the part of the hair that we can see). But laser hair removal attacks the hair root. This strategy delays the growth of new hair, which is why its effect is long-lasting.

The effect of a complete laser hair removal treatment can last for months!

2. And requiring little to zero maintenance after treatment:

Because your hair roots are attacked during laser treatment, and the hair on the treated area is restrained from growing, new hairs don’t grow for a long time.

In other words, after treatment is completed, you won’t need to shave, tweeze, or wax the treated area to maintain the shape of your brows or the new look of your unibrows.

Laser Eyebrow and Unibrow Removal for Men

When ‘eyebrow shaping’ is mentioned, most people think it’s a beauty practice for only women or playboys, but it’s not.

Men are becoming increasingly interested in having smoother, nicer-looking eyebrows and unibrows, and we are here for it!

For men who want to have their eyebrows shaped or unibrows removed, we highly recommend laser treatment.

We especially recommend this for men because most men have thick eyebrows caused by high levels of testosterone. Shaving, tweezing or alternative hair removal methods cause bumps or ingrown hair.

Another reason we recommend laser for men’s eyebrow hair removal is that, from observation, men don’t have the patience to invest time removing unwanted body hairs.

So as a man, instead of tweezing or using a blade to shape your brows weekly to maintain the look you want, it’s better to invest in a treatment that has long-lasting results and requires zero maintenance.

Is Laser Eyebrow and Unibrow Removal Treatment Safe?

We get this question a lot, especially after we tell our clients we use protective glasses during laser treatments because laser rays can damage the eyes.

Laser eyebrow removal treatment is relatively safe.

I use the word ‘relatively’ because it depends on the expertise of your dermatologist and the laser device.

During laser eyebrow removal, your dermatologist should know not to expose your eyes to the laser rays for long.

Meanwhile, there are laser devices designed for eyebrow and unibrow removal. To be sure you’re in safe hands, visit a reputable clinic that has expertly trained laser technicians and such advanced laser devices.

At Ink Doubt Denver, we use advanced laser technology to penetrate the skin and remove unwanted hair without damaging surrounding skin tissue.

Our laser devices are operated by Laser Specialists and Laser Safety officers who have received their training from New Look Laser College- the world’s leading laser tattoo removal training program.

How to Prepare for Laser Eyebrow and Unibrow Removal

To prevent post-laser eyebrow removal side effects:

  1. Avoid the sun at least 2 weeks before treatment. Apply sunscreens on your face to protect it from sun rays.
  2. To avoid irritation, don’t tweeze or wax the area to be treated for at least 6 weeks before treatment.
  3. Don’t apply alcohol-based products and cosmetics containing lanolin and oil at least 48 hours before treatment. The area to be treated should be clean, dry, and devoid of any cosmetic product.

How Many Laser Treatments Are Needed for Eyebrows And Unibrow Removal?

You’ll need between 4- 8 laser treatments to achieve a significant reduction in hair growth on your brows. Each session lasts for about 30 minutes.

You’ll see results faster and need less treatment if there’s a sharp contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair.

Some other factors that affect hair removal are hair density, hormones, and gender.

How Much Does Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Cost?

An average eyebrow laser session ranges between $50 to $100 (it could be more or less than this). Price usually depends on the clinic and your needs. If you’ll need laser eyebrow shaping as well as unibrow removal, your fees may be higher.

To get the actual price, visit the clinic.

Eyebrow laser hair removal clinic near me

To locate a clinic around you that offers laser eyebrow shaping services, use Google Maps, Yelp, or a medical or health directory.

If you’re in or around Denver, we’ve got you 100%.

Visit us at 300 E Hampden Ave, Englewood, CO 80113.

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Would you like to explore a safe, at-home eyebrow and unibrow removal option? Then try an eyebrow laser hair removal pen. Of course, you won’t get the same results as a laser hair removal treatment done in a clinic by professionals with advanced laser devices.

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Pen

Also popularly known as eyebrow trimmers or epilator pen.

The eyebrow hair removal pen is a small, portable device shaped like a pen used for trimming your eyebrows and unibrows. Over time, this device has become increasingly popular especially because it is super-affordable, portable, and easy to use.

How to Use an Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Pen

  1. Before you start, exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs and make sure your face is clean and dry, with no residue of any cosmetic product.
  2. Pull your skin tight around the area you want to treat.
  3. Move your device in small, back and forth motion to get rid of unwanted hair
  4. Clear the epilator’s tub (where the hair residues go) and remove the battery after use.
  5. Moisturize your skin to prevent irritation.